Combustion Safety Testing for Heating Systems - 1 CEU

This course explains the correct method for testing furnaces and boilers for CO and spillage under worst case. With the advent of Cool Vent and Warm Vent Standards, airfree testing and revised standards, many energy auditors are confused. This course explains the newer requirements and how to test properly to provide accurate testing results. You will also learn:

1. About the Building Performance Institute’s Combustion Safety Testing Standards for Heating Systems.
2. You will see why combustion safety testing is so important.
3. Learn about solutions to the back-drafting of chimneys.
4. And you will gain a better understanding of why air sealing of homes can impact combustion safety.

Approx 50-60 Minutes

You will have 365 days to start the course. Once course is complete, access will be removed.

If you are BPI certified and qualify for BPI CEU’s for taking this course, please allow 2 weeks for the CEU’s to be posted at BPI.
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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years