GreenHomes America Playbook (Electronic) (102)

The GreenHomes America Playbook contains everything you need to start, manage, and grow a Home Performance Business.


The valuable information contained in our system has increased or added revenue by millions of dollars for contractors across the country and has changed how entrepreneurs view their business and their customer's homes. Our proven systems, once only available to contractors in a franchise model for tens of thousands of dollars or more, plus ongoing royalty fees, is now available for a one-time, fixed cost, high value proposition with a return on investment beyond your imagination.

Yes, contractors across the country have started or added Home Performance to their current business and have gained millions of dollars in added revenue. So, how much would you invest in yourself, your business, and your employees, to generate even an additional million dollars in business? Have a look at what's included in our GreenHomes America Playbook. You will be glad you did!

Confidential Operating Manuals with step-by-step procedures on the following:
>The Energy Assessment Process
>Office Process

All of these comprehensive manuals and their recommended forms, checklists, guides. These documents are available in Microsoft Word and Excel formats, and can be customized with your company logo and information.

Energy Assessment Process Manual
8 documents explaining the Home Energy Assessment. This includes how to perform the assessment, exactly what to say during each step of the process, blower door testing procedures, recommended steps of Health & Safety Testing, how to conduct a customer survey, and the test out process.

Sales Manual
24 documents on all aspects of sales and selling tools in Home Performance. Includes captures leads, goals and production forecasting, preparing for a sales appointment, arrival & greeting procedures, resolving objections, handling upset customers, and more.

Marketing Manual
16 documents on suggested marketing campaigns, how to set up and prepare for a trade show or fair, SEO tips for Home Performance, social media and email marketing.

Office Process Manual
15 documents on the procedures for running an efficient office of a Home Performance business. Modules include creating service orders, employee forms, payment collections, and customer status management. This manual also includes sample job ads for many positions needed in Home Performance.

Production Manual
86 Documents of step-by-step directions and pictures on safety, air sealing, insulation, installing vents, weatherstripping, and more.

Personnel Manual
Detailed overview and requirements of each of the positions included in Home Performance. Each position includes competency areas, recruitment programs, performance review forms and more.

Additional Materials include:
Customer Reference Guides
Fact Sheets
Quick Guides
Advisor Presentation Book
Forms, Checklists, and Guides to accompany each manual

This is the electronic version of the GreenHomes America Playbook.


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