An Overview of Mechanical Ventilation Systems & Controls - 1 CEU

This course includes up-to-date information on exhaust only systems, supply only systems and heat recovery system options including a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each. This course also includes information on effective control strategies for different mechanical system options available in the industry today including timers, speed controls, humidity controls and programmable control options. You will learn:

1. What Mechanical Ventilation systems are and what they are designed to do.
2. You will see why Mechanical Ventilation systems can improve the indoor air quality in our homes.
3. You will understand why natural ventilation in our homes can lead to poor indoor air quality or poor levels of comfort and energy efficiency.
4. And you will gain a better understanding of why Mechanical Ventilation can help us to improve comfort, lower utility bills and increase the energy efficiency of our homes.

Approx 50-60 Minutes

You will have 365 days to start the course. Once course is complete, access will be removed.

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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years